“ I am one of those regular weird people… ”

A year in which the meaning of the word weird was rewritten...

It is an extraordinary and ordinary strangeness where "tomorrow never arrives, every day is the same as the damn day before", seasons and months are mixed, so as night and day, reality and imagination intertwine.

And just as we are going through one of life's strangest processes, what a coincidence that it is the Queen of Rock & Roll and Blues Janis Joplin’s 50th anniversary of “nothing to lose and escape to freedom”, who describes herself as "one of those regular weirds".

The complex mood of the pandemic process that boxed us between four walls, the colorful personality of Janis, her short but full life, combined with psychedelic elements and retro figures, inspire the collection.

The collection includes total 24 LOOKS, 10 women and 14 men. "REGULAR WEIRD" although its details are nostalgic, it presents the light and also the darkness in a unique harmony. While plaid fabrics and embroidery details took us to the California concerts of that period, the daisies embroidered on bleached tie dye, which is the final LOOK, symbolize Janis' escape to that freedom with a psychedelic and hallucinatory effect.