Pure, Uncontrolled, Elemental...
"In the middle ages, there was a blue revolution. Blue appeared everywhere and became a genunie rival to red. Stained-glass windows and enamels used the color widely.
Around the 11th and 12th centuries, distingwishing divine light from terrestrial light became important. Terrestrial light was white or golden, and divine light became blue.
The Protestant Reformotion heavily moralized color, distingwishing between honest and immoral colors, which were too bright and stood out too much! Yellow, green and red.
Between the 1960's and the first world war, a lot of uniforms changed from black to navy blue, It's a wise, calm, non-agressive color.
Blue is the color of wisdom, calmness and excellence.
I can say, in twenty or thirty years that blue will still be, in Western Europe, the favored color."